About me


Photography is a personal story for me.

Ever since I was a child I've been obsessed with creativity. Doodling on my homework, daydreaming at my desk. Always lost in my own creative world.


Around the age of ten I became fixated with photography. My mother's iPhone was my first camera, and I still remember the first photo I took that I was truly proud of. It was of a flower in our backyard.

Years later my love for art and photography continues to capture my heart. I built this website as a place to share all my creative projects in the hope that others can experience the emotions within the images I've created.

I believe photography has the power to influence. To preserve and invoke feelings within us that would otherwise be gone with the fleeting moments they were stolen from.

Please join me in my pursuit to create.


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Email: daniel@danielfaint.com

Phone: 0481343929